DeLonghi Espresso

Latte? Yes!!!

I've been a latte lover for some time now, but spending $5 for a cup of latte is like a huge treat for me.

My usual coffee I drink in the morning is a half cup of Keurig with little bit of milk added.

We had been using our Keurig machine for the past 3 ~4 years now, and we have no complaints.

This winter, my husband and I decided to invest in a decent priced manual espresso maker.

So we went and got DeLonghi espresso maker!

It was on sale for 109.99, so if I make 22 + latte's, it's paying off :P

So last night, I made my first latte and totally made it too strong which made me stay up all night :( then this morning, I made my second cup of latte that was a success!!!

Ease of use, and cleanup, we will really enjoy this little machine :)

©Estee Cha Photography

©Estee Cha Photography