Physical Exam

My Physical Exam Day!

Today was my physical exam day!

Yes, I fasted & blood was drawn.

I am thrilled to find out where I am with all the cholesterol and other numbers.


Because I have lost 25 pounds since last December!

That's like minus a toddler from my body and I am a small girl.

I consider to be in quite good shape now with good eating habits & lifestyle.

My doctor was so proud of me!

In few days when I get my blood results in, I would like to share with everyone.

I have worked hard, seriously hard, not just to loose weight but to become a better person.

All my life, I lived as a lazy person and it took me 46 years to realize it.

Let's get up early, eat healthy, drink lots of water, exercise, and sleep well :)

Thank you!

Come back and see me :P

©Estee Cha Photography

©Estee Cha Photography