Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting

OK, lets talk about intermittent fasting!

I have been on and off for the past 7 months on this and I am quite happy with it.

I fast from 8PM(evening) to 1PM(lunch), so my eating time frame will be 1PM to 8PM for 7 hours.

I eat just about anything and everything including some sweet snacks too.

I don’t limit myself with what kind of food but I still try to eat healthy for the most part.

I always try to have enough protein, vegetables and fruits, it’s a number one priority in my diet :)

I eat really big lunch like a huge salad with chicken breast, along with fruits and snacks, I become so full to a point where I can’t eat anymore.

Then I go home and eat something light and easy before 8PM.

It all works out great, sometimes I forget and eat after 8PM but it’s OK!

Best thing about IF is that you don’t have to be so strict, just go with the flow!

I know it’s a little tough at the beginning when you are not consuming anything except for water, but trust me, it gets easier.

So for those of you who want to try the intermittent fasting, don’t get discouraged, if you messed up your schedule, no worries, it’s not the end of the world!

Eat healthy and be healthy :)

Intermittent Fasting Day 1

I have been so bad for the past few months,

I’ve gained few pounds here & there and my kangaroo pouch is coming back!

So I have decided to start IF today and it’s going so far so good!

I broke my fasting with a banana at 1 PM, then my lunch at 2:15 PM.

Had my smoothie, fruits and veggies from 3 PM to 5:30 PM

I am now making my gourmet Pho for dinner, planning to eat before 8 PM and I will be done for today!

I am really looking forward to this new habit!

If it all goes well, I’d love to stick with it :)

Also, my husband will be doing it with me together, so I am really excited about this!

Only side affects I had was mild headache throughout the day, not sure why because I had my black coffee this morning but hopefully it won’t be bad tomorrow,

My total intake calories after my gourmet pho dinner is about 1300 today so that’s pretty awesome.

I took some photos of my hideous body today so, I will update on April 1st!

My starting weigh today is 113.4 lbs. waist 31 in.

I drink at least 3 liters of water per day.

Yay! Let’s do this!!! :P

©Estee Cha Photography

©Estee Cha Photography