Eating Healthy

Intermittent Fasting

OK, lets talk about intermittent fasting!

I have been on and off for the past 7 months on this and I am quite happy with it.

I fast from 8PM(evening) to 1PM(lunch), so my eating time frame will be 1PM to 8PM for 7 hours.

I eat just about anything and everything including some sweet snacks too.

I don’t limit myself with what kind of food but I still try to eat healthy for the most part.

I always try to have enough protein, vegetables and fruits, it’s a number one priority in my diet :)

I eat really big lunch like a huge salad with chicken breast, along with fruits and snacks, I become so full to a point where I can’t eat anymore.

Then I go home and eat something light and easy before 8PM.

It all works out great, sometimes I forget and eat after 8PM but it’s OK!

Best thing about IF is that you don’t have to be so strict, just go with the flow!

I know it’s a little tough at the beginning when you are not consuming anything except for water, but trust me, it gets easier.

So for those of you who want to try the intermittent fasting, don’t get discouraged, if you messed up your schedule, no worries, it’s not the end of the world!

Eat healthy and be healthy :)

Feels Like Winter!

My shoot today was amazing!

It felt like winter for sure :)

All leaves had fallen off the trees and color from the branches are definitely showing.

Really loving this color.

I always tell myself to bring a tripod but I keep forgetting :(

So only hubby again.

©Estee Cha Photography

©Estee Cha Photography

Oh My! June Already?

I can't believe it's June already!

I am already into my second month at my new job!!!

All is going great, great environment, friendly co-workers, I can't wish anything more.

Last night, I met this cute doggy charging towards me at the park.

Life is a hurdle and we just need to keep running and embrace what we have!

Be happy everyone! It's JUNE!!!

©Estee Cha Photography

©Estee Cha Photography

My Life & Veggies!

Call me crazy, but I am so fascinated by preparing my veggies nowadays that I can stand in the kitchen all day long.

Knowing this will last me only less than a week, and I have to do it all over again, but I am still happy!

I know it's not easy, but make it a habit, eat healthy, live healthy, and be happy!

©Estee Cha Photography

©Estee Cha Photography

Does My Husband Eat Like Me?

Answer is "NO".

I have people asking me this question all the time.

I don't think my husband can ever eat like me but I don't want to be firm.

I have completely cut carbs and additive sugar from my diet.

So what does my husband eat?

He eats everything :)

All kinds of Korean food, and anything I cook for him.

So, I cook all kind of soups, meats, curry, anything possible and freeze them in portions.

That way he can choose what he wants to eat that day.

I also prepare Korean side dishes on my days off so he has plenty to eat.

Daily fruits and veggies are a must, so I also pack that for him every morning.

Recently he has decided to cut sweets like Korean bakery or rice cake, which I am really happy about.

Today is my day to cook and freeze, so I thought I share this post and pictures :P

Please don't think I am not feeding my husband lol.

This is what my little Freezer looks like.

And below is one of his favorite dish, Spicy Bean Sprouts Japchae :)

©Estee Cha Photography

©Estee Cha Photography

©Estee Cha Photography

©Estee Cha Photography