Tis The Season~


It's the season for COLD!!!

Since I started off getting sick quite early this year, I want to warn all the people that this year's cold is just crazy!

It's taking over 10 days to recover...

I've missed 5 days of work and no rest on my days off.

I couldn't sleep because my throat felt like someone was putting a knife through it.

My first visit to the urgent care was diagnosed as "Strep Throat" without swabbing.

My second visit was diagnosed as "COLD" because I wasn't getting any better with the antibiotics they prescribed me for the strep throat.

Had they given me Tamiflu right away, I would have been much better.

A well, it's long gone and done deal!

I am all back to myself again, well not fully, but good enough!

Special thanks to a friend who cooked and kindly drove all the way here to drop it off.

Her kanji really help me through my cold when I couldn't swallow anything.

Haliotis Abalone Kanji 전복죽  ©Estee Cha Photography

Haliotis Abalone Kanji 전복죽

©Estee Cha Photography

Just so people might wonder what Haliotis Abalone is, 

It's a seafood, with health benefits. 

Abalone not only tastes great, but also an excellent source of many vital nutrients.