Autumn is here~

I was looking through fall sessions from 2016 and noticed the colors were already vibrant by end of September!

Park nearby is looking pretty good today, but other parks still has long ways to go, I am just hoping the rain this week isn't going to make all the leaves fall off :(

I am really happy that I am getting many sessions done this weekend but I still have many to cover!

Just crossing my fingers for the colors to stay a little longer :)

Picture below is me at the nearby park with max vibrant color Fall foliage!


What Makes You Happy?

There are many things for me to be thankful and be happy about, but I can be very happy with few little things.

I am a low maintenance girl and I'd be very happy for just a nice hot bowl of pho. 

Well, not any kind of pho, only from the places I go to that is...

Doesn't take a whole lot huh?

My favorite place is Pho All Day in Bellevue WA.

They are friendly and clean :)

It's my go to pho place!

Who wants to go pho with me???

Almost 300 Days...

As I near my 300 days of my somewhat diet/weight loss journey,

I had been in lazy state for the past month now.

We went through terrible smog from the mountain fire everywhere in September,

where we couldn't hike out anymore.

And then I got so sick to a point where I was in bed for nearly 2 weeks.

Luckily, my weight hasn't changed much, thank goodness.

But little toned body I was working on, is now all back to sagging :(

So Wednesday,

We went hiking nearby to Poo Poo Point.

Which normally takes us about 2 hours up and down.

This time it took us 3.5 hours!

My husband wanted to quit but managed to finish the hike.

I am so proud of him!


Good Food Matters :)

Since I am still recovering from my sickness, I am eating really well.

Actually too well, lol.

And when I do cook, I like doing it the right way.

Since we haven't had home made kalguksu or kalgooksoo, spelled two different ways, I decided to make some this weekend.

So the first thing I did was to make the fresh kimchi few days ago which usually goes along with this noodle dish and also made seasoned soy sauce with veggies on the same day.

Then I mixed flower, salt and water to make dough and let it sit for few hours.

Made dough into thin sheets, rolled and sliced to make noodles.

Result was very rewarding for our tummy :)

My husband was very happy too!

I try to stay away from carb these days but once in a while is okay?

For those who's wondering what this noodle is, click the picture above.

I make it little differently, but seems like a good recipe!

I also didn't have any clams so I use anchovy for broth making.

My Broken Key Transformation!

Did I mention I have few useful skills?

And most of the times, I use my skills for others and forget to use on myself... 

My key had been broken for many many years actually and lost it few times but managed to find it again every time, I was just lucky I guess...

I don't know why I had not thought of doing this earlier?

One Friday this month, I decided to do this for myself and started stitching with my beads.

I am very happy with the result, it looks so luxurious to me >.<

By doing so, I saved $99 plus taxes.

Anyone needs key transformation?

Please let me know!


Tis The Season~


It's the season for COLD!!!

Since I started off getting sick quite early this year, I want to warn all the people that this year's cold is just crazy!

It's taking over 10 days to recover...

I've missed 5 days of work and no rest on my days off.

I couldn't sleep because my throat felt like someone was putting a knife through it.

My first visit to the urgent care was diagnosed as "Strep Throat" without swabbing.

My second visit was diagnosed as "COLD" because I wasn't getting any better with the antibiotics they prescribed me for the strep throat.

Had they given me Tamiflu right away, I would have been much better.

A well, it's long gone and done deal!

I am all back to myself again, well not fully, but good enough!

Special thanks to a friend who cooked and kindly drove all the way here to drop it off.

Her kanji really help me through my cold when I couldn't swallow anything.

Just so people might wonder what Haliotis Abalone is, 

It's a seafood, with health benefits. 

Abalone not only tastes great, but also an excellent source of many vital nutrients.



My name is Estee,

Thank you so much for visiting!

I am a photographer, hair stylist, wife, and friend of the best people in this world.

Please forgive my lack of English, this page isn't about how educated I am or how proficient my English is. 

I wanted to start a page where I can share my life and story.

I am so thankful to photograph many beautiful faces and also thankful to have husband who's my awesome assistant and editor to make it all happen!

My husband and I started out photographing landscape and then was invited to a wedding where I did few photographs and I decided to make this a career.

I am forever learning, life is challenging!