I am officially back from all the surgeries and hospital visits, unless my doctors recommend more procedure :(

2015 was pretty rough for both my husband & I, but we managed to get through and I am beyond thankful to be sitting here and writing.

I had to stop my photography for many months because I was not allowed to be running around carrying multiple camera gear on me, although I cheated and pushed myself to do couple Birthday events, lol.

It was hard, but made me realize how important our life is to be well and healthy.

We still have few things to take care of in terms of medically, but I want to slowly get back on my feet again and do what we love to do, capturing every individuals special moments.

Life can be tough at times but I believe it's part of our chapter and one day we can look back and say it was all OK.

I want to take this moment to thank everyone surrounding us for all the support and love we have received.

Hope to see many of you near future :)